What is behind an internship programme, besides work?

The internship done overseas is inevitably an excellent alternative to highlight your resume and get a chance to start an international career.

It is worth reminding that a daily internship is not just about working, focusing on daily tasks and an endless list of activities. The international internship programme will provide much more than that.

The opportunity to be in a different work environment, away from home, sharpens the senses and boost us always to seek more, to create a rich personal experience. So, what is behind an internship programme, besides work?


The opportunity of getting to know a lot of people.

It’s not just you who have chosen to do an internship programme. Many people choose to do an internship overseas to live this experience as well. The experience will be with people from different origins and backgrounds.

This makes the daily routine rich in news, unforeseen events, improvisations and a lot of learning.

Besides practicing another language and getting deep knowledge about language and career, you will also make new friends, closer ties and develop unique personal qualities.

Daily trips to extraordinary places.

Whichever country you choose to do your international internship in, there will always be some time to know historical places and be in touch with the local culture.

Enjoy the weekends, wake up early, plan visits to museums, monuments.

Do you like sports? Rent a bike, a kayak, go out to enjoy parks and their natural beauty.


A chance to live a new routine.

The routine in a foreign country will always be different from the day-by-day that we have in our home. Waking up early, commuting to arrive at the internship will always be new.

You will try a new coffee on the way to work, will discover a new restaurant each day and naturally will start conversations with people next to you.

The international internship programme will open new horizons and boost us to enjoy every moment and try something new, change attitudes and seek the extraordinary.

Try new typical and exotic foods.

exotic foods

When we are in an environment different from our home, we tend to seek new things. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself feeling like eating food that you have never tasted before.

You will create a new personal routine and will have a different style for food.

Make sure that you try something new. After all, we can’t lose the opportunity to eat something different!

Trip to countries nearby

Weekends and holidays are excellent opportunities to catch a low-cost flight and visit a neighbouring country, with just a little bit of planning. Do some research on flight tickets, times and a list of everything that you want to do.

Making a short trip will be uplifting and well enjoyed. Enrich the professional experience with personal gains.

Face a different weather than the one you are used to.

Who is familiar with constantly balanced temperatures, will be surprised with the variation which could happen in some countries.

Try the experience of feeling and seeing snow for the first time, face cold winds wrapped in a warm scarf, look at the leaves on the trees changing their color in a season change.

Feel homesick

Feeling homesick is a powerful feeling, helpful to value what you have.

To soften these feelings, take with you some pictures of family and friends, do some video calls now and then, share the moment that you are living on social media.

LinkedIn connections with every person in the world

The experience of an international internship programme will considerably increase your connections on LinkedIn and might open doors to new projects and works. This aspect draws the attention of headhunters and interviewers.


Opportunity to practice the new language and more

The international internship programme creates a unique connection with people who speak other languages, have different cultures and life journey.

This is an excellent opportunity to form discussion groups and exchange information, knowledge, always in a foreign language.

Have you pictured yourself doing all this, acquiring all this fantastic experience and developing your promising career? Don’t waste any time and contact us!

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