The first interview via Skype

Skype today is a web tool which facilitates interviews for job positions in other countries, because it nullifies the distance between them (interviewer and candidate) and reduces any operational costs of dislocation. Videoconferences bring isonomy to process, allowing people from everywhere to have access to international job positions.

The first Skype Interview doesn’t have to be a big challenge. Bear in mind that it is possible to prepare yourself and impress the interviewer right in the first contact.

Chasing what you really want is a big challenge, and it involves overcoming of some fears. Understand that is possible because you will be putting yourself in a place that you want to be. Many students and professionals do an internship just because, in their university, without questioning what the goals for the near future are. You don’t, knowing that you have accepted the challenge to pursue new opportunities and wish to go forward. Therefore, face your limitations and learn how to behave during the video call.

The interview via Skype is similar to a face-to-face. Although, instead of looking into the eyes of the interviewer, you will be in front of your webcam. So, keep your eyes to it and don`t miss your focus looking at other objects, focus on the screen.

The interviewer will observe everything: The place, sounds, your way to sit on the chair, what you are wearing and how you put yourself in front of the webcam.


The interview process done via Skype is more dynamic, though, try to answer the questions with agility. At the same time, demonstrate confidence in your answers.

Be aware of your professional posture and act like your interview were face- to face.

Your knowledge of foreign languages must reach some higher level to keep the conversation going effectively. It’s necessary to comprehend correctly the questions asked and be ready to answer them transparently.

Don`t worry about the accent. It is part of the pronunciation of everyone. As long as you communicate well, there is no problem at all.

Add to your vocabulary some technical terms related to your profession. Demonstrate specific know-how in the area that you wish to work and use all your repertoire of language.

This is the moment to prove that you have enough knowledge to assume the routine of a work environment in a foreign land.

The duration of the interview it is approximate of one hour. Keep a glass of water right next to you, in order to not interrupt the conversation or the interviewer.

Work desk

The first contact is made through an informal conversation, to break the ice and create a friendly start between you and the interviewer. Wait until the interviewer makes a compliment or pleasant commentary and return it.

After creating a link between you and the interviewer, the interview itself will start. Get ready for some questions that might be done by the interviewer (Check this article), and you have prepared for them beforehand.

To guarantee that there will not be an unplanned situation, make sure that you do the interview in a place with a local stable internet connection, to not have any problem related to communication.

Test your equipment beforehand.

Make sure that mic and webcam are working correctly. Close any other program which might get your attention off the interview, as well as to not consume the internet connection.

Be aware of your username on Skype. Don`t use nicknames, go for your initials. Choose to upload a photo because it will be easier to be identified.

Add the interviewer to your Skype contacts beforehand, and be online before the interview time. These actions demonstrate availability and commitment.

For the interview moment, choose a place that makes you comfortable and relaxed, without any external disruptions. Use headphone, to guarantee the better communication. All set, take a deep breath and wait for the video call!

After the interview, it won’t be possible to do a handshake as expected in a face-to-face meeting. Just be thankful for the opportunity, smile and wait for the interviewer to conclude the video call.

With all these steps mentioned above together with a previous preparation, it will be easy to be successful in the interview.

With the help of Hubwork365 mixed with your talent, believe that you will be very close to getting your first opportunity in the international market.


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