How does the LinkedIn work in a recruitment process?

How does the LinkedIn work in a recruitment process?


When you start looking for a professional position, even if it is for a first job, a better position or internship program, we automatically tend to connect with the closest friends on social media. This is the first step, isn’t it?


However, not always channels like Instagram or Facebook bring the expected results due to not being the proper channel for those kinds of purposes.



There is a useful and specific social network for professional contacts, which is the LinkedIn. If you are looking for a professional position overseas, stay tuned. We will give you essential tips to direct your profile to professional positions overseas.

Basically, LinkedIn is a social network where we can set connections with other people in the same professional field that we work or that we are looking for. For that reason, it is essential that you know how to use it in the best way, because companies use this system to advertise job positions and receive the professional résumé.


It is more than 562 millions of users spread all around the world, and lots of job opportunities only for those inside of this network and have a personalized resume that draws the attention between other users. To elaborate an attractive LinkedIn profile, follow the tips below:


  1. Create your professional profile and be genuine when filling all information requested. Many headhunters and Human Resources professionals consult the system, looking for candidates with the specific formation;
  1. Although you may not like pictures, add one, including the background profile picture. Use a photo where you are dressed according to the workplace related to your career and avoid images of trips that you have done or that are too personal. If your desired job position is more formal, you need to wear a shirt. Profiles with photos are more visited than the ones that don’t have any.


  1. All required fields must be filled. Extra activities and volunteering work should be filled in “others” section. All information is important to be filled to encourage a possible hire which might be the differential that the company is searching for a candidate.


  1. Set your profession or job position that you are looking for an objective manner. Companies will start to analyze the profile from this information. Be sure that this title will mean more than a simple job position. You can include what you are searching for career goals or with the professional experience that you have or even what your actual professional position is. Ex. You are studying Marketing and wish to work in this professional field and have experience in Social Media. Include “Social Media Marketing”. Even if you don’t have any experience in this field, include the information because it is your career goal. In the case of you have experience in more related areas choose “Social Media Marketing and SEO Expert.


Be an active member of LinkedIn.



  1. Seek to increase your network connections continually, include comments in other profile posts, write articles about the market and your professional field. These actions show that you are interested and have knowledge about the subject.


  1. Take maximum advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm and insert key-words in your profile (Headline or Summary), with your profession and experience accordingly. Doing these steps your resume will be better positioned in a search.


  1. As in all social network, you must always access your LinkedIn and increase your connections. Post articles periodically and be an active member of groups, make reasonable comments and strengthen the network relationship.


  1. Apply for online courses sponsored by platform, which integrates LinkedIn Learning. There are many contents in Business, higher education, and government, which helps in the formation of better professionals. It is worth taking advantage of the free trial for one month.


  1. In the LinkedIn summary, academic formation and experience, it is possible to add videos. This is a new method to show your qualities, skills and argumentation abilities. Take advantage of this resource and record short videos. Lots of professional recruitments are done based on this type of material.


  1. List your competences carefully. Your contacts may recommend you based on this list, in addition to facilitating the profile analysis on the part of the contractors.

Extra tips to get an overseas job position:




  1. Make your profile in English, show that you are used to using the language;
  1. The videos would be beneficial to show your pronunciation and knowledge of English. Create a script that demonstrates your abilities;
  1. Expand and consolidate your professional relations with people who are already in the country and the career that you are looking for. All filled information on your profile will be useful to show your interest and professional capacities. Make sure that you always keep your data up to date.


LinkedIn is the main channel for those who are looking for a job or an internship program. Use the searching tools, check the information on your network and expand your networking as much as you can. This will be the first and the most significant step that you are going to do in search for professional growth and overseas career.
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