How to write a powerful LinkedIn summary?

LinkedIn summaryDuring the time when an online research about you is more likely to happen first before a hand shake. Your LinkedIn profile is getting more important than you can imagine.


Therefore, you should think: “How do people find information about myself?” and “What kind of information could they find about me?”. First things first: How do you look for information on the internet? Probably, you use Google as a tool, so try to search your name on it and you will see that: Your LinkedIn profile will be on the top results.


Consequently you should pay attention to your profile, especially in your summary. There is a bunch of boring and weak summaries, that if I was doing a selection, I would not invite those horrible profiles for an interview.


If you are looking for inspiration, check out these hints to leverage your summary:


– Who is your target audience?

To start building your summary, think who your main target is. This will give a good idea of what kind of keywords you should add and also, what you want your target to know.


LinkedIn SummaryIt is not necessary to write down a mission as a company mission. You could use your values to give a personal touch on this part, such as:


“ Every brand has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but also will deliver on measurable business goals. And I am the conduit between brand and consumer.”


This part will provide an exclusive image, from what you want to show.

  • Goal, achievements and results.

You can write a beautiful poetry on your summary, but the results will stand out from all the rest. All areas have a key performance indicator, so you should use it. You do not need to reveal the number if you cannot, but you should show how much you have increased or have saved in percentage. This kind of information will give a real statement about your achievements.

  • P-A-R technique

To help you describe your achievements, you can use this sequence to structure your text. Starting with the Problem, describing your Action upon it and ending with the Results that you got. It is simple to remember, easy to follow and read.

  • Bullet points:

It could help you have a nice and beautiful summary. Bullet points will enhance what you want to boost. Furthermore, if someone is only skimming your summary, he or she will find what they are looking for.


And now, I hope that this article could help you to have a good idea how to write a powerful summary on LinkedIn.

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