Ireland: The European Silicon Valley

For everyone who wishes to do an internship programme in a well-established company and start a solid international career, the big news is that a lot of technology companies opened their subsidiaries in Ireland, which is known today as the European Silicon Valley.

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Companies like Siemens, Amazon, Dell, Google, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, Johnson e Johnson, Microsoft, Kellogg’s, Novartis, Accenture, Yahoo!, Sage, Vodafone, are few of the multinational companies that have started their global operations in Ireland.

But, why Ireland? Well, the Emerald Isle has thousands of attractive things to do besides pints, pubs and Saint Patrick’s Day.

The government offers lower taxes to multinationals of 12,5%, which is the lowest rate of the Western Europe, and 10% below the average of the European Union according to KPMG audit.

For these and other reasons, Ireland became a new home for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, which established their headquarters in Dublin. On the other hand, companies like Zendesk, Dropbox, Hubspot, Slack, and Glassdoor set up their production plant.

Apple employs around 6000 people in Ireland, mainly in Cork city, on the extreme north of the island, with 120000 habitants.

Google officially opened their Data center in Dublin as well with 6000 employees. Microsoft has almost 2000 workers!

Besides the economic advantages, the Irish market counts with talents that come from everywhere in the world.

This is why many young professionals choose the country to live and build a solid career and can count with two of the greatest engineering programmes in Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.

The Irish Government offers an easy access to immigration and work permit to people who have specific professions, called critical skills.

The professions are concentrated mostly in fields like engineering and technology including professionals from sciences, electronic, chemical and mechanical engineers. Professionals from telecommunications, IT, web designers and programmers, administrators, professionals from marketing and sales.


Why choose Ireland to carry out your International internship programme?

You will keep in touch with global companies, in the fields of new technologies and engineering, which receives incentives for research.

It will be a unique opportunity for you, who wants to develop your technical skills.

The Irish educational policy has been associated with dynamism and innovation, with an unexpected growth for a country which about half century ago was known almost exclusively by their spectacular landscapes, Guinness beer, and medieval castles.

So, the internship will be a massive difference on your résumé.

The Emerald Isle is strategically located in the center of Europe and the world. Her international opening is another reason for the success achieved in the last decades in the technological field.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make contacts in other countries to work.


Pointed out as one of the countries of European Union that most invests in education, Ireland has a tradition in this area recognised around the world.

There are more than 30 universities and colleges with a fantastic average of 17 students per professor in the schools. With all this incentive, it is not a surprise that most of the people choose to do a superior course to join in one of the best workforces in the world.

Doing an internship at the European Silicon Valley, you will live with people who stand-out for their productivity, pro-activity, entrepreneurship, flexibility, and education.

Due to their native language, the United States is the main source of Irish investment. As they don’t have any barrier of communication, they are always alert to talents created by Irish people.

Therefore, the internship programme in the Emerald Isle could open doors for other challenges, in different countries.

For all these reasons, when you plan an internship, put Ireland, The European Silicon Valley, on top of your list.


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