Internship Interviews: 10 Common questions to help you!

We know that major changes in life involve decisions that need to be made firmly and safely.

When seeking an international career, take into account that you will do some interviews until you get your first internship. One question that you may be thinking: What if they ask me about my previous experience?


However, keep in mind that this question will be one of many that the recruiter will do. After all, your resume is not enough to show every aspect of your professional experience. The interview will involve many other questions, not just about your professional goals. Some personal issues are common as well.

  1. Why are you seeking an international career?

This question will probably be the first, and you have to be ready to answer with no problem. Look into your past until the moment that you want to reach. This question must be explained clearly to the interviewer.

  1. How many mistakes have you ever committed?

This answer says a lot about yourself. To understand, evaluate and analyze these processes is a character from a person who has the capacity to do self-analysis, accept errors, overcome it and seek a solution to learn.

Not every person knows this path; for that reason this is a question that must be very elaborated, to show to the interviewer that you are ready for the position and new challenges.

    3. Tell me about yourself!

Don’t be shy to expose a little bit about yourself. Mention some hobbies that you like to do on weekends, your musical taste, preferred authors, trips. There are no tricks in this question, so answer it honestly.

  1. Why should we hire you?

Have the answer prepared beforehand. Mention your formation and point out your experience and how they could be applied on a daily basis, to the company routine. Show that you are ready to help make the business grow and work with team building. Point out your qualities; this is the moment!

  1. How do you react when you receive criticism in your work?

Name any situation that has already occurred, if any. Show that it is essential to react well since critics are opportunities to improve work and seek knowledge, personal maturation.


   6. What is it your reaction when something does not turn out as expected?

This question has the objective to know if you know how to deal with changes in the last hour and frustrations. The professional always needs to have a plan B. Problems, and changes happen all the time; therefore, the professional must know how to deal with these situations positively.

  1. What do you consider essential in a workplace?

Take this opportunity to emphasize values that you care about. Always mention organization, ethics, seriousness, balance.

  1. What do your colleagues say about you?

The interviewer wants to know how you behave yourself in front of your fellow worker and what the impression that you transmit is. Talk about reasons which resulted in positive observations. Always contextualize the situation; that will bring honesty and understanding.



    9. Do you know how to deal under pressure?

Show that every situation is different that is stressed and under pressure is part of the daily routine in a company, and solutions always come up. This is called emotional intelligence, main characteristic in future professionals.

  1.  What is success for you?

The answer is very subjective, but try to demonstrate that one week of a well-done job and goals achieved, brings you a good feeling, make you satisfied.

As for the question about your experience, know that in each one of the issues above it is related. Headhunters holistically analyze the professional, inserted in a broad scenario.

Going through an interview is part of all process of a professional recruitment.

Have in mind that you need to persuade the interviewer that you are the right professional for the job. Be direct in your answers and never mention personal or financial problems. Being a little bit nervous is normal, don’t worry about it.

Keep your focus, try to have fun during this process and assure your first job in the international market!

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