For how long my internship will be?

You, who are interested in international professional experience, need to know that the international internship programme could last from 6 to 24 weeks, but extend for up to a year!
Be prepared to do your best and be aware of some aspects that should be observed in their routine as an intern. Consider yourself a candidate for a full-time job, even if it won’t be in the company that you are doing your internship because a well-done job draws the attention not just from the colleagues and mentors, but also from the competition.

You will be observed and evaluated in every moment. Therefore, give special attention to everything that involves your work.


To stand out among the other interns and employees, it is necessary to dedicate yourself to the maximum. Be interested in the internal processes, study subjects that you don’t dominate and learn as much as you can watching your colleagues. Do you have a question? Ask for it! An Internship programme is the best opportunity to put under test your knowledge and learn how to apply them efficiently.


As all source of learning, the internship programme needs commitment. If any task would be assigned to you, do it with dedication and responsibility. Don`t measure strengths to accomplish the task and at the same time show agility and commitment.

The secret is to put the job as a priority. Engage yourself as much as you can. Don`t arrive late for your appointments; the idea is to always arrive in advance, calmly, with no rush. The ones who arrive late all the time live under pressure and end up doing tasks mechanically.
One of the most goals of the internship programme it is to learn new things. If you don’t have enough time, there is no learning.

Attention with meetings

Meetings are part of a daily routine in a company. Besides arriving on time, be aware of all the information and questions mentioned. Make notes, participate, share information and contribute with your knowledge.
Endeavor in training

Many companies invest in training for their employees and interns. If you were selected to participate in any new course, enjoy the opportunity and absorb as much knowledge as you can. All of them could be useful in a near future on a daily routine inside of the company.

Take every opportunity to learn

An informal conversation with your work colleagues and mentors could be beneficial to you, to better understand the market which you want to work in. Therefore, enjoy your breaks to relax a little bit and have a conversation with the team that you work with, create connections. The internship programme is also handy to develop efficient networking, which might establish new contacts in the future.

Do all kinds of work

It doesn’t matter the size or importance of the task under your responsibility, always do your best, using your knowledge and available tools. All processes inside the company are a source of learning.
Be available to help the others

Offer help to your work colleagues. This demonstrates the ease to develop teamwork and make it come into contact with all types of assignment. Your availability shows goodwill, which is an essential

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